Agility Gate

Agility Gate is a free to download app that allows competitors to check-in their dogs at an agility show and keep track of the current state of the run orders. It helps prevent crowding around the gate and allows competitors to keep tabs on things while crating away from the ring.

Safest And Most Convenient Way To Track When You Are Running

Keep Your Distance, Stay Informed

Times have changed and shows need to adapt. We all want to play with our dogs at trials, but we need to make sure we do it as safely as possible. Shows have new protocols in place to keep people safe and distant, but how do you keep people from swarming the gate to check themselves in or see when they are supposed to run?  That’s where Agility Gate can help!

Core Features

Check In On Your Phone

Whether you are checking in your dog, marking them as a conflict, or if you unfortunately need to scratch your run, you can do it directly from your phone from anywhere.

See Updates Instantly

Changes to run states and orders are shared immediately in the app. See in real-time which class is currently running, which dogs have run or have been moved in the run order, and when you are due to enter the ring.

Manage Run Orders

Your gate steward can mark dogs that have gone to the line, move conflicted dogs in the run order, and manage run states from an iPad. Access to these features is controlled and restricted from competitors.

Stay In the Loop

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  • Free app download from App Store and Google Play
  • Access to running orders
  • Ability to change state of dog(s)



  • Up to two concurrent rings per day
  • Export running orders from existing trial software
  • Free updates
  • Have a small trial? Contact us for options

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Large Events/Regionals

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  • Support for multiple rings across multiple days
  • Perfect for large events where competitors may be spread out across multiple buildings or over a large area

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