US Open 2022

2022 UKI US Open

Launch Web Version of the Agility Gate App

Using Agility Gate

After launching, click the three lines at the top left to choose your show
Find the appropriate group/height in the ring you are running and click on it
You will be presented with the running order for your group/height. If there is a map available for this class, you will find an icon on the top right to view it
If you swipe on your dog going from RIGHT-to-LEFT, you will see options to scratch or check-in your dog. Please note that you will NOT be able to mark your dog as a Conflict at this show
Clicking on the bell icon at the top right will enabled notifications on your device so you can receive messages from the show while the app is closed

FAQ / Problems

  • Why does the app display a gray screen when I launch it?
    • If this happens, there are a few things you can check:
      1. Are you running a VPN on your phone?  If so, turn it and restart the app.  Some VPNs (particularly Norton) cause conflicts with the app.
      2. Try turning off WiFi on your device and see that helps things.  Sometimes the WiFi network can be over-subscribed causing connection problems
      3. Try browsing to on your phone and see if that works
  • What if I am prompted for a code?
    • The code for this show is 2022
  • Why can’t I mark myself as a conflict?
    • UKI has pre-marked dogs that will have conflicts already.  If you do have a conflict, please consult the Ring Manager in your ring